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Ensure Long-Term Wellness with Massage Therapy and Stretching

A common misconception about physical therapy is that once the structured element of the therapy is completed, the athlete’s work is done; they can simply return to their normal routine and pretend as if the injury never occurred.

That’s not the way it should work.  An effective physical therapist not only restores an athlete’s strength and mobility, but it gives him or her to tools to prevent injury in the future.  Two important components of this include stretching and massage therapy.

The repeated build-up of tension in muscles can contribute to tears and stress; massage therapy and stretching can alleviate this by minimizing tightness.  Effective stretching and massage therapy can also facilitate the body’s recovery process in the event of a future injury by eliminating toxins and boosting blood flow to muscles. 

As providers of select physical therapy in Downer’s Grove, we realize that wellness is an on-going process that continues long after you walk out of our doors.


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