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Avoiding Leg Cramps

Many people have experienced a leg cramp at least once in their life. Usually a quick rub or gentle massage to the affected area and you are good to go. For athletes, however, sometimes the pain is a lot more intense and may cause muscle damage.

Leg cramps are painful involuntary contractions of the leg muscles. Athletes who train many hours a day especially runners are prone to leg cramps.

Dehydration, low potassium and sodium levels are thought to be possible causes of leg cramps along with tight muscles. Maintaining a diet rich in potassium and watching one’s sodium intake will remove any dietary causes. An athlete also needs to make sure he is properly stretched before a workout. If a muscle cramp begins, stretch the muscle and hold the stretch for as long as possible, while massaging the area to stimulate blood flow.

A severe leg cram could cause damage to the affected muscle. If the strength of the contraction was really strong it could tear the muscle fibers. The muscle will be painful for a long time and you may need to seek the assistance of sports physical therapy in Downer’s Grove. A therapist will administer massage therapy to release tension and work on rehabilitation and different types of stretching exercises. These exercises will help to prevent future relapses of leg cramps.


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