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Athletic Injuries In Adolescents

Due to the physiological changes occurring in the body of younger athletes, they may be at special risk of injury. The weight and load on the skeleton increases during puberty, yet the connective tissues do not grow at the same time as the skeleton. This results in decreased flexibility during a time when skill levels are increasing and competition is getting more intense.

A type of injury common in young male athletes is “little league elbow.” This injury is a microtrauma caused by a pulling on the medial epicondyle located on the bone of the upper arm.  The young athlete develops pain on the inside part of the elbow associated with throwing motions, and decreased performance on the field.

Another condition that occurs almost exclusively in teenage athletes is “second impact” syndrome. This occurs when an athlete with a prior history of head injury suddenly collapses and unconscious after even a mild hit. In some cases, this second impact causes severe brain swelling resulting in a critical medical condition including comas and even death.

If you or your child are experiencing sports-related pain and reduced field performance,  Downers Grove physical therapy programs provide individualized care and evaluation of your symptoms. Our custom programs will empower you with the proper treatment and exercise to return to the field playing better than ever.


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