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Are you ready to play after an sports injury?

A functional capacity evaluation is typically used after an injury has occurred on the job. The owner’s of the business then have a responsibility to be sure the worker is ready to return to full capacity after rehabilitation.

Sports functional capacity evaluation work in the same way. It would be up to the physical therapist to evaluate an athlete and give the green light for when they would be able to get back into the game.

An athlete needs to demonstrate not only physical but psychological readiness to be deemed fit for action. A physical therapist at a sports physical therapy in Downer’s Grove will assess the athlete’s competence by performing a variety of tests and functions. This removes all uncertainty that an athlete could have a problem upon re-entering the sport or re-injuring themselves. Properly rehabilitating oneself is not just a matter of healing physically it involves being able to maintain the same level of success that an athlete needs to return to their sport.


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