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A Pre Workout Self Massage

Every runner knows getting a massage after a tough workout is extremely beneficial to their muscular health.

Many coaches employ massage therapists for this reason. What may not be known is that elite athletes and runners also have their muscles massaged before they work out and they are able to do it themselves.

Working with a foam roller as a self-massage tool, a runner will work on each muscle of the body before they begin their strenuous workout.

Placing whichever muscles the athlete wants to target on the roller i.e. gluteal muscles, quadricep muscles, hamstrings, calves, etc., and slowly rolling up and down on the roller works like a deep-tissue sports massage.

An athlete is essentially helping to increase their flexibility and decrease any muscle stiffness before the workout has even started.

This pre-workout massage improves athletic performance and helps to enhance a runner’s workout thus helping athletes run faster.


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