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Got Nutrition? What you eat could mean the difference between being first or last.

If you have been given a customized sports enhancement training program by your Downers Grove Sports Enhancement Strength, Speed and Agiltiy Trainer, it will not only involve a muscle strengthening and speed training program needed for improved sports performance, it will also involve a tailored nutritional program required to sustain muscle development and health.

The right amount of caloric intake is vitally important to fuel an athlete’s workout, and the right combination of these calories is what’s going to work towards building and repairing their muscles.

Carbohydrates are the primary energy source for the body’s ability to fuel the explosive movements of power needed in sports. Carbohydrates are stored as glycogen in the muscles so the harder the muscles are worked the more glycogen is required. As such, athletes need a lot of carbohydrates for their aggressive conditioning.

Since carbohydrates are needed to build lean muscle, trainers understand how many carbohydrates each individual athlete needs. This is dependent on the length and intensity of their practice. Some days the workout may be moderate in which case the athlete will require less carbohydrates than the days in which they do a heavily intense workout.

Your trainer will also make sure the athlete’s diet is well rounded. They will make sure they have sufficient protein to rebuild and repair muscle tissue as well as healthy fats and an adequate amount of water.

Our Downers Grove Sports Enhancment Strength, Speed and Agility Trainers understand that what goes into their athlete’s body directly affects their overall workout, which directly affects their performance on the field.


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