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Weighing the Importance of Carbohydrates in a Sports Nutrition Regimen

In the world of dieting, there still seems to be a lack of consensus around carbohydrates.

The infamous Atkins Diet, for example, is predicated on restricting the body’s intake of carbs with the goal of altering the body’s metabolism from burning glucose to burning stored body fat.

While the jury is still out in some quarters from a dieting perspective, in the world of sports nutrition, carbohydrates remain a critical component to any athlete’s nutrition regimen.

That’s because carbs, simply put, are the primary and most effective energy source for high-intensity physical activity and endurance. In spite of its benefits – and perhaps due to the stigma generated by diets like the Atkin’s program – many athletes do not get enough carbs in their daily diets.

Yet no two athletes are the same, which is where our customized sports nutrition program comes in. We’ll work with you to explore your health history, goals, and existing regimen to create a high-impact program to help you attain optimal performance.


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