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Volley Ball and Jump Training

jump training program is extremely useful for a volley ball player’s career. This type of training will increase the explosive power needed to make those quick vertical jumps to spike and block that are the life-blood of this sport.

Jump training involves repetitive movements to make these powerful jumps, but it also involves the education on correctly carrying out the motions, which will reduce the occurrence of any injury. There is a lot of stress on the knees making volleyball one of the most injury prone sports for younger athletes. Jump training includes training and conditioning designed to keep the athlete healthy and fit while dramatically changing their vertical jump, core strength, cardiovascular and muscle endurance. Helping to stabilize the smaller muscle will help to make the larger muscles stronger, which keeps an athlete in top shape.

Stamina, speed, agility and strength endurance are also a part of any jump training routine. The duration of some of these volleyball games can be very demanding.


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