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The Stability Ball

Surely you’ve seen them dotted around the gym – those colorful balls that look a little like a child’s toy. What are they used for? Are they serious exercise tools? Can they really add to my exercise regime?

Well, hold on to your treadmill…these balls, called stability balls, could be your best weapon yet in your efforts to increase your  core strengthening workout. Research has shown that exercises targeting the core done on a stability ball will activate twice as many muscles as the original, classic sit up.

Stability balls can be incorporated into any fitness routine you desire. If you prefer Pilates, yoga, weight training or a combination of all, using the stability ball three times per week will give you a stronger core and much improved core balance.

Stability balls have long been used in rehabilitations offices to aid in injury. It is only recently that they have rolled their way into the gym and are a used in group classes, with a personal trainers and even for folks who prefer to do their exercises in front of the television. Because the ball is not stable it forces one to constantly engage their core muscles to keep balance while they are working on any part of their body.

Some folks have replaced their office chair with a stability ball. Having to constantly adjust themselves on the ball works their core muscles while on the job. So next time you see that big colorful ball in the corner, grab it and a trainer and asked for several core strengthening exercises you can do. You will be amazed.


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