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Strength Training Is More Important Than You Realize

There are plenty of sports where strength is an obvious, primary necessity. Things like boxing, weight lifting, football, and others all stand out as requiring large amounts of strength in order to really get good results. But it’s important that even when you’re involved in a sport that doesn’t seem like it requires much strength training that you still continue to work on your strength. At Core 1 Inc., we think that strength training should be a part of any athlete’s overall fitness routine, no matter their sport. It may seem surprising, but in reality your strength will have an impact on a lot more than you think.

First, it’s worth understanding that improving your strength will indeed improve performance. Consider running. Even in a sport like soccer, where strength isn’t a primary focus, think about just what it is that’s driving your momentum as you race across the field. It’s your muscles – your calves, your thighs, and your core. And the stronger those muscles are, the more power they have to propel you onwards. More power translates into more speed.

It also has an impact on your balance and agility. Your core is a huge part of your agility and your balance, and the stronger your core is the better equipped you are to perform at your best no matter what is needed. While agility drills are important, strength can be looked at as the foundation on which the rest of your performance is built.

Another, even more important reason to pay attention to strength training is your ability to avoid injuries. Stretching and warm ups are vital for reducing injury, but the stronger your muscles and your body in general is, the better it will be at avoiding injuries. Strength training can seem like a chore that doesn’t impact your safety, but in reality it’s just as important as those warm up drills you do on a regular basis.

Simply put, no matter what your sport is you’ll still want to pay attention to strength training. It doesn’t have to be the primary focus of your workouts, but making sure that you add some level of strength training to your fitness regimen will have a big impact not only on your performance but on your ability to avoid injuries and keep competing at the right level. It’s well worth the effort you put into it, and will also let you add some variety to your routine that can help you get more excited about what you do each day.

Your workout has a big impact on your health and on your performance, and we’re ready to help you get some serious results. To find out more about what we can do for you, contact us today.


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