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Preventing Sports Injuries

Sports are one of the most important parts of many young peoples’ lives today. They’re not only a fun way to spend time, but could also unlock an incredible future down the road. But it’s far too common for today’s young athletes to end up injured to the point that they simply can’t participate in sports anymore. That’s why here at Core 1 Inc., we feel that preventing sports injuries is one of the single most important aspects of competition and training today.

With that in mind, just how do you go about preventing sports injuries? There’s no totally foolproof method, and the simple fact is that sometimes accidents happen. Whether it’s an awkward hit in football or a line drive that catches a pitcher off guard in baseball, injuries do occur. But there are some things that can help prevent them, including the following.

• Protective Gear – Obviously, the right protective equipment will go a long way towards protecting athletes from things like head injuries, tooth or mouth injuries, and more. It’s an important part of the game, but only one facet of preventing injuries.

• Stretching – There’s a big reason that people have been touting the importance of stretching for years now. By stretching before working out or taking part in sports, you increase muscle flexibility and reduce the odds of suffering torn ligaments, sprained muscles, and more. It’s important to spend at least ten to fifteen minutes stretching before a game.

• Fitness – Simply staying in shape properly will help, too. When your body is primed for performance, it operates much better. The chances of being injured are far less when you follow good diet and exercise regimens.

• Physical Therapy – In the event that you actually are injured, it’s important to get the right physical therapy as soon as you’re able. This will help you heal properly, but will also help prevent future injuries. Without the right physical therapy, a future injury is much more likely than it would be with good therapy on your side.

We know that an injury is one of the most dreaded things in an athlete’s mind, and that’s why our professionals work hard to ensure that you don’t have to suffer injuries that are preventable. While sometimes things simply can’t be stopped, the chances are good that by following the four points above you’ll be able to reduce your chances of being injured while working out or participating in sports. To help you out, contact our professionals today. We can help with preventative measures or physical therapy and keep you on the field.


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