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Hone Your Skills With Summer Time Workouts

As summer approaches many young athletes hang up their shoulder and knee pads, sticks and helmets for yet another year. But it is important to remember that the summer offers some of the best time to exercise and hone your skills.

Our Downer’s Grove custom strength, speed and agility training is important all year round. Many kids who play high school sports and don’t take advantage of the summer months are really missing out. The summer is typically a stress free time in a young person’s life. They don’t have school so they don’t have the demands of homework and studying for tests. They generally have more free time.

Parents want their children out of the house and active especially when it’s tempting for some children to sit in and play video games. With longer daylight and temperate weather the summer is much more accommodating for children who want to improve their training for whichever sport awaits them in the fall!


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