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Core Training Can Make You A Powerhouse With Full Body Benefits

Everyone speaks about core training, but not everyone knows all about what it is.

Here in the the Greater Chicagoland area, there is a lot of uncertainty about some aspects of core training and what it can do for you.

Luckily, at Core 1 Inc we employ some of the best expert coaches in this area.

No matter what sport you play in Chicago, you will probably find that you already make use of your core strength in order to achieve your best game.

Core strength is a critical part of the game for athletes in baseball, basketball, football, and in many other sports.

The benefits of core training extend to many other areas of your life.

You will find that you are fitter, leaner, more balanced and more coordinated overall if you practice a realistic core training regime.

In fact, we have discovered that the limiting factor that is holding many athletes back is their lack of specific core training.

You can realize core training through a number of different exercises such as squats, jumping jacks, and many weight exercises such as kettlebell exercises.

So, what are the real benefits of core training?

What areas does core training focus on?

You might be familiar with core training from the basics of Pilates.

Core training is key to this discipline, which focuses on what’s called the “powerhouse.”

The powerhouse consists of the muscles that make up your core, your center.

Without high function in the powerhouse, you will not be able to move quickly to achieve your goals because you will not be able to realize sudden, powerful movement.

Physiologically, the core is one of the most important aspects of your balance.

When you focus on core training, you will gain a greater sense of balance and flexibility that will increase your confidence and range of movement.

This is true not only for non-athletes, but for high level, motivated, trained athletes such as yourself.

Core training helps you to put more power behind each one of your movements.

It helps you to move faster in short bursts and sprints, no matter which position you begin in.

Plus, it will help you to compete in any of Chicago’s most challenging and competitive sports.

If you want to realize the best core training possible, then you need great coaches in an environment that will motivate you.

Core 1 Inc has the most complete training regimen when it come to core training.

We dare you to try us!

Till next time

Jim and The CORE1 Crew


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