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Core Training Beyond Pilates

Are you looking for core training programs that will allow you to realize your best performance ever on the field?

No matter whether you play baseball, football, volleyball, soccer, or any other sport that demands movement, balance and flexibility, we can help.

Core strength is one of the limiting factors of your best performance.

That’s because your core is the area of your body that influences so much of what you do.

At first, your core might seem like it is solid and inflexible.

After all, that is why people call it a “trunk.”

However, nothing could be further from the actual truth.

Your core is intended to be highly flexible and to offer you options when you are in motion at a high rate of speed.

Individuals who have a great deal of core strength are able to sprint faster and to maintain a higher moderate speed for longer.

Unfortunately, many sports have not traditionally offered a great number of core training programs for their athletes.

Core training began to become popularized through one of the more recognizable training programs for non-athletes, Pilates.

If you have ever looked into Joseph Pilates and the history of the Pilates training regimen, you will notice that this guy was nothing to laugh at.

He was big, powerful, and bulky.

Yet, he created a system that helped athletes to move faster and more gracefully.

At Core 1 Inc, we have core training programs that will assist with virtually any kind of sport that you play.

This is true of the sports where you are constantly in motion, such as basketball. It is also true of the sports where you need to be able to move suddenly, like football.

Whether you are focused on lean muscle and remaining agile and slender, or your game requires you to bulk up for maximum potential, there are core training programs for you.

Of course, Pilates is only one small part of a core training program.

Core training with the dedicated athletes and coaches of Core 1 Inc will also combine functional strength training so that you are benefiting in multiple ways from all of your efforts.

Even the most successful Chicago area athlete could use a boost when it comes to core training.

To get that boost, use Core 1 Inc as your secret weapon.

Give us a try! Get your FREE session below.

To your best season yet

Jim and The CORE1 Crew.


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