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Core Strengthening Is The Key

When we think of athletics, we typically focus our attention on the body parts that do the moving – the pitcher’s arm, the running back’s legs, the golfer’s wrists – but the body parts that aren’t moving are just as vital to achieving high-performance on the field and less time in the trainer’s office.

Many sports therapists still devise workouts centered around outdated axioms such as “throwing curves are worse for your arm than fastballs”, when in fact there is much more going on with the body during a pitch besides the arm motion. Modern science is discovering just how vital a strong and flexible core is to high athletic performance and injury prevention.

Downers Grove custom strength, speed, and agility training services harness the discoveries of modern science and incorporates the necessary core strengthening exercises that help take load and strain off a pitcher or tennis player’s arm, and the running back or basketball player’s knees. A strong core will help you get the most out of the specific sports training you need to keep up with, and surpass, your competition.


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