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ACL Injury Prevention in Downers Grove

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) keeps the knee stabilized. If you sustain an ACL injury, you might complain of your knee giving out. This type of injury is very common in young athletes and they tend to affect females more than males. An ACL injury can end a young person's athletic goals, and treatment often involves surgery and physical therapy.

Jumping exercises, as well as sports that involve pivoting, contribute to injury. ACL injury prevention in Downers Grove involves specific techniques to help strengthen the leg muscles. There is no surefire way to prevent an injury, but several tips can reduce your risk of injury.

Tips for ACL Prevention in Downer's Grove, IL:

1. Warm up before exercising or playing sports: ACL injuries are more common when you fail to warm up. You should warm up 5 to 10 minutes before engaging in activity. This can include walking in place, light jogging in place, or stretching. Walking lunges and squats are excellent for ACL prevention in Downer's Grove. Both types of exercises strengthen the thigh muscles, and strong thigh muscles help support the knees.

2. Practice jumping: Jumping and improperly landing on your knees can contribute to an ACL injury. When participating in activities that involve jumping, it is important to land with your knees slightly bent. Additionally, incorporate exercises that involve hopping on one leg. This exercise improves your balance and strengthens the leg muscles, which can reduce the risk of ACL injury.

3. Limit sports that involve twisting and pivoting: If you have a history of ACL injuries, avoid or limit activities that involve pivoting. If you can't avoid these exercises, improving your stance can stop a recurrent injury. When an activity involves frequent pivoting, keep your body crouched and your knees bent.

If you have suffered an ACL injury and would like to strengthen your knee and decrease your chances of re-injury. Give us a call – we can help.

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