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You Don’t Have To Be Down For The Count

One of the most common, and debilitating, sports injuries is a sprain or tear to the ACL. This ligament is one of the four that support the knee joint, and is vital for both standing upright and moving side to side. For many young athletes, an ACL injury could greatly change the path of their sports careers, but this doesn't have to be the case.

While even minor strains and sprains to the ACL can be debilitating, they can also be rehabilitated. Even if a tear results in having to get surgery, the healing process after this intervention can make the difference between continuing to play sports and having to give up a lifelong passion.

Steps To Recovery

Part of the reason that ACL injuries can cause such an impact on activity is because people don’t actually take the proper steps to aid recovery. Physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles around the ACL, as well as work the ACL itself for better stability. While the use of braces can help you get up and moving more quickly, it is important to note that these devices don't actually help to build strength in the ligaments, but can really be the cause of more weakening.

At Core1Inc., we focus on both physical therapy and rehabilitation for this type of injury, and work with our young athletes to help them fully recover and become stronger. Although the process can take time, it can also result in a return to the game you love, without long lasting impediments.

The first thing that we will look at with ACL injuries is physical therapy. This will help you to regain range of motion and flexibility in the muscles around the joint. When muscles heal, they can tend to shorten, and physical therapy will gently work them to retain their length and elasticity.

The second phase of rehabilitation is what will restore your strength in the ligaments. These exercises are designed to specifically work the ACL and the surrounding ligaments so that they can bear weight, and maintain stability with side to side movement. This phase can be ongoing, even once you have returned to sports, but the continued rehabilitation can also help to prevent a future injury.

If you are interested in taking the right steps to get you back on the field, then we encourage you to contact Core1Inc. and find out about our physical therapy programs for ACL and other injuries. Your healing process is just as important as your commitment to the game, and should be a part of your focus to get up and running again.

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