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ACL Injury Prevention

ACL injury prevention training is on the forefront of every trainer’s mind when training an athlete. An ACL injury, unfortunately, is a common injury especially in young women.

With more understanding of this injury comes better prevention training and although it is still a tough injury to recover from, physical therapists and sports enhancement trainers are changing the face of ACL prevention and more athletes are staying in the game!

Hamstring and core strengthening along with strengthening the hips and thighs are just the beginning in any ACL injury prevention training regimen. Moving with correct alignment, which protects the knees is very importance as is body control.

Proprioception is a term that is becoming more and more understood. It defined as knowing where one’s body is in space. Proprioception training is a type of training that is developed using the sensory level of the body.

Proprioceptors in the muscles relay messages to the brain regarding the body’s position. Proprioception training allows trainers to challenge the nerves and reactions of the athlete, making what is normally an unconscious response to stimuli and making them part of an athlete’s conscious decision.

All athletes need to train on how to jump, land and switch positions quickly and safely, that is part of ACL prevention training, now with the understanding of proprioception, athletes are working on a deeper level and seeing fantastic results.

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