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What To Look For In A Training Center For Athletics

Has it been a while since you were able to use a state of the art athletic training center?

Are you looking for the opportunity to improve your athletic performance by seeking out a great center where you can really do your best work as an athlete?

The number of truly high performance athletes in the world is still very few, so there are not that many great training centers out there for them to use.

That being the case, you might find yourself comparing only a handful of sports training center options.

If you are an experienced, established athlete who enjoys a high level of conditioning, then you most probably do not want to use a center where you will share equipment and resources with those who have radically different fitness needs.

Instead, you want to go somewhere where people will understand your specific goals and needs.

Here are some things to look for in an athletic training center:

1) State of the Art Facilities

You want to be sure that the facilities you have available are the best. This should include a very wide range of different training machines and various kinds of equipment that will help you to meet your goals all from one place.

2) Rehabilitation Expertise

Sports medicine is one of the most critical aspects of sports, yet there are very few top level performers in this field.  Rehabilitation is something that virtually all great athletes will face at some point in their career, so you need true expertise.

3) A True Athletic Community

When you reach a certain level of conditioning and performance, no matter what your sport is, you are entering into a community of only a few people – even here in Downers Grove. That being the case, you want colleagues and trainers who understand.

It is important that you find a facility that goes a step beyond the average gym and gives you everything you need in one place.

Otherwise, you will find that you might have to go to several different places to have all your needs met.

If you are looking for a training center like the one described, you’re in luck.

Downers Grove athletes can enjoy exactly this kind of experience at Core 1 Inc.

Core 1 Inc. is one of Illinois’ most respected and established training centers for athletic excellence, training, and rehabilitation.

We look forward to meeting you.

Jim and The Core1 Crew.


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