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What’s In Your Body?

While daily training routines can be an ideal way to maintain fitness and become more effective of the playing field, this is not the only factor in working towards being a better athlete. Good nutrition is also vital, not just to health, but also to performance. At Core 1 Inc., we find that a number of student athletes can take it for granted that their growing metabolism and workout routines will allow them to overlook the importance of nutrition while trying to stay in top shape.

Good Fuel For Effective Function

One of the biggest misconceptions that we find we need to overcome is the concept that as long as you are not gaining weight, then it should be okay to continue eating the way you do. While young athletes may actually require more calories than other people their age, it is also important to pay attention to the quality of these calories. Eating enough also means eating the right proportions of nutrients so that the body is able to function at its best.

This is the reason that many young athletes who are not paying attention to their nutrition may be experiencing performance challenged, or hitting plateaus for strength and speed. While the body will burn whatever calories it can for energy, more energy and endurance is able to be gained from proper nutritional choices. Along with key components like clean proteins and good carbs, the body also needs special vitamins and minerals in order to encourage muscle repair.

Eating well is an integral part of any training program, and at Core 1 Inc., we help young athletes learn about the right food choices for performance now, and health throughout the lifetime. If you think that you could benefit from learning more about the nutrition that your body needs, then contact us today and get ready to improve your abilities on the field.


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