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Unlocking The Secrets of Effective Speed Training

Across the world of high-speed and long-distance running, coaches are training sprinters as if they were power lifters.

In doing so, they are seeking to emulate the length strength of lifters because after all, leg strength – or so the argument goes – makes sprinters run faster.

Yet other trainers scoff at this notion. It’s not that they disapprove of the accumulation of leg muscle; coaches, more than anyone, know the importance of leg strength. What irks detractors of this approach is that leg strength is oftentimes built up at the expense of properly balancing this strength with fluctuations in body weight.

This balance, certain coaches argue, is the most important component to be aware of in any speed training regimen, and it flies in the face of conventional wisdom that speed is primarily based on stride length and stride rate. 

Whether you’re a track runner, wider receiver, or striker, we’ll craft a tailored regimen that helps you reach your maximum potential.


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