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Uncovering the link between sports training and increased mental focus

The physical benefits of athletics are well-documented. But more and more research is now showing how sports can literally help focus the brain.

In a recent piece in the Journal of the American College of Sports medicine, researchers at the University of Illinois found that athletes were better at focusing and accomplishing tasks than non-athletes.

And what was most interesting was that the athletes didn’t necessarily act faster. What they did do, however, was think faster. Experts attribute this to the nature of sports. Most athletes – be it a quarterback, a point guard, or a catcher – must make instant, reflexive decisions on a split-second basis.

Over time, the act of processing information quickly in a fast-paced environment can re-condition the brain to make it more adept at “thinking faster.”

Ultimately, this is where the body and mind come together. As providers of speed, balance, and agility training, we can help your body effectively adapt to changing stimuli. And now science has told us that in doing so, such training can improve mental agility as well.


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