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The Basics Of Boosting Speed

As an athlete, speed is likely a central part of all your endeavors. It’s important that you build speed whether you’re a football player, a runner, a soccer enthusiast, or some other type of athlete. But building speed is often one of the most difficult things an athlete can do. For many, it’s easy to assume that speed is just something that you’re ‘born’ with. But in reality, a few different things can help improve your speed and help you get the most from all your speed training in Downers Grove.

First, you’ll need to understand that there are different types of speed. For example, in football you only need explosive bursts of speed for a few seconds at a time. Soccer requires constant speed, as does track. As a result, there are different types of workouts you’ll need to design to get the right results. If you need football speed, for instance, you’ll want to work on strength and explosiveness. For track, that burst of speed is important but so is speed endurance.

Once you understand that there are different areas of speed that you should work on, the next step is devising a plan that helps you work on them. This is important, but can be tricky. There are a few primary areas that you need to focus on here: Technique, muscle synergy, endurance, and strength all have a big impact on your speed, but in different ways.

• TechniqueSomething as simple as the way you run can have an impact on speed. Proper technique is something you should always strive to master.

• EnduranceBeing able to maintain speed requires endurance. This is best built through endurance training like long-distance runs. Over time, endurance builds up.

• StrengthThe strength of your muscles will power your speed. Fast, intense exercises and routines that focus on building muscle strength is the key here.

• SynergyThe way all of your muscles work with one another is another piece of the puzzle, and something that takes specialized training routines and an investment of time and effort to build up.

Building your speed through careful training and commitment is the secret to getting the best results when you’re trying to boost speed. Talking to a trainer here at Core 1 Inc. about how to build each of the four areas above will help you build your speed and start getting noticeable results that will take your performance to the next level. If you’re ready to get serious about boosting your speed, contact us now.


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