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Take Your Game To The Next Level

Being a skillful athlete will make you competitive, but customized sports enhancement training is what makes elite athletes elite. Take tennis great Andre Agassi, for example. While climbing to the pinnacle of the game on mastering the skill of the game, he quickly descended from one of the top players in the world to a has been who was playing Challenger Tour events and barely beating the same players he crushed as an amateur.

After a few years of struggling with his game, he decided to dedicate himself to an intense physical fitness program of strength and agility training personalized for him. He ran up mountains every morning in his native Las Vegas. He started a weight-training program to strengthen his tennis muscles to not only improve his performance but prevent future injury. He initially was only able to bench press 135 pounds, and later he increased his effort to 305 pounds. He credits his conditioning for his resurgence as an elite player and his longevity which lasted well into his 30s, which is 5-10 years longer than the average tennis lifespan.

Not only tennis greats benefit from sports training. Elite athletes from all sporting backgrounds realize the key to optimum performance and longevity is not only mastering the technical skills, but making the body a well-oiled machine to withstand the rigors of sports and outlast the competition.  Downers Grove custom strength, speed and agility programs will be a catalyst in getting you to achieve your full potential.


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