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Sports Training…Boot Camp Style

Much like the name suggests, fitness boot camp is not only a rigorous, all inclusive fitness training program that is an amazing workout for the novice and elite athlete, but it’s also a lot of fun!

Fitness boot camp is an outdoor exercise class, which encompasses cardio, body weight exercises, interval training, speed training, calisthenics and strength training. The name “boot camp” implies that it is a rigorous military like training camp and while it can be tough, it is simply aimed at pushing the athlete harder and further than they might normally push themselves.

With an early start to the day, boot camp participants will challenge themselves with sprints, push-ups, interval training and running. There is little time to rest and the exercises change rapidly while always working on proper technique and receiving quick results. Working in a group where everyone has the same goals and offers support and motivation makes the boot camp training very popular.

Using whatever the environment offers is a big part of the boot camp experience. If you’re at a park, you’ll use benches, stairs and hills in the workout. If you’re at a playground, you may find yourself incorporating jungle gyms for pull-ups. Boot camp keeps you moving and there’s little time for boredom in this fast-paced military style workout!


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