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Sports Training

For the purpose of improving an athlete’s sports performance, he is involved in hours of sports training per week. While sports training, definitely encompasses physical exercises, some experts argue it’s really about a whole lot more.

Some feel that sports performance is the sum of the entire personality of the athlete. The physical, social, psychological and even the psychic dimension plays a healthy part in the sports training of an athlete. It is well understood that being an athlete takes a lot of mental acuity. Improving an athlete’s self-confidence is just as important as their physical abilities. Working on an athlete’s “sixth sense” also needs to be developed. Learning to grasp when something is about to happen should be part of the overall sports training an athlete receives.

Chrisanne Gordon, MD, talks about this in her article “Sports Superstars & Sixth Sense”. She says it is the “the inexplicable ability to “see” what will happen before it does; to see a play unfold or a teammate’s move BEFORE it occurs.”

It is apparent that sports training is really about a lot more than physical capabilities. It is definitely an educational process built on many attributes occurring and being developed at the same time. If all parts are developed at once, it will lead the athlete to higher and greater sports performance.


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