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Sports Nutrition – The New Muscle Foods

If you’re an athlete, chances are that the traditional muscle-building foods have been drilled into your head – eggs. Steak, chicken, turkey, etc.

Sports nutrition research is discovering foods we may have never associated otherwise with anabolic effects.

Let’s go over some of them.

  1. Pineapple: A source of the potent enzyme Bromelain. Extracts of this substance are used for its inflammatory effects, and research has shown this enzyme has cancer prevention properties and helps shed body fat. Bromelain digests proteins and aids in muscle inflammation, making it useful after a workout to allow the muscle tissue to heal faster.

  2. Quinoa: classified as a "pseudo-cereal", this plant is a mix between the properties of a grain and a vegetable. One of the more concentrated sources of protein among plants, quinoa also contains essential amino acids that are vital to muscle growth

  3. Lean Red Meats: Venison, Bison, and Ostrich are all red meats that have less saturated fat than beef. Most organic sources of these meats offer more B vitamins, zinc, phosphorous, and other minerals than beef. Another alternative is goat meat, with half the calories and a few grams more protein than a steak.

The dedicated athlete should pay just as much attention to their sports nutrition as they do to their sports training.


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