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Speed Training The Right Way

Illinois is home to plenty of famous athletes, from Dick Butkus to Kirby Pucket. And while today’s new batch of athletes has a huge amount of tools and technologies available to them, many who focus on speed training in Downers Grove often approach it the wrong way. It’s important to make sure that you approach speed training the right way if you want to get real results. And while no two athletes are identical – and no two workouts will be identical for anyone – it’s still a good idea to understand some core principles that will have a big impact on your speed training results. Here at Core 1 Inc., we focus on providing a solid foundation for getting those results. It all starts with making sure you know some basics.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to get the right results:

• Know Your Focus For starters, be sure that you understand what you’re training. For certain sports, like football, it’s more about speed and explosiveness than it is keeping speed up for long distance runs. You’ll need to consider just what area of speed you need to work on before you can really start getting results.

• Know Your LimitsSafety is important. While pushing your body to its limits is a fundamental part of serious training, you also need to make sure you don’t overdo it. The body needs rest in order to improve, so be sure not to exert yourself too much.

• Mental MattersThis is one you probably already know, but it’s still worth a mention. Be sure that you focus on your mental ability right along with your physical. Often, it’s the mind saying ‘no more, no more’ that holds you back from your full potential. Drown out that nagging voice, master your mind and mental toughness, and results will start to show up.

• Change Matters, TooDon’t just set up two short sprints, two long sprints, and never add anything else to the mix. While fundamental workouts like sprints are the foundation of getting speed training results, you should take some time to move beyond those basics.

• Change Your EnvironmentIf you’re speed training in Downers Grove, you’ve got access to lots of great workout locations. Don’t just stick to one area. Try heading to a local park or another location to get a change of scenery while you build your speed. It will keep you motivated and add a little something extra to every workout.

• Use ToolsWhether it’s an iPod blasting tunes to keep you pumped up, a treadmill to get some running in on a rainy day, or even a phone app that tracks your routine, take advantage of all the different tools and technologies available today. You’ll get even more from your workouts.

No matter what your sport may be, speed training is important for nearly any game. Keep all of the tips above in mind and you’ll be able to maximize your results when you’re trying to improve your speed. It will take lots of work and plenty of commitment, but in the end all of your effort will be well worth it once you see the results. Contact us today to get started working towards those results.


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