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Simple Speed Training Exercises

There are many techniques a trainer uses in their efforts to helping athletes run faster. While it is true that some athletes are born with a natural ability that allows them to run faster, it is also true that with a few simple techniques any athlete will benefit from speed training.

Bulking up the calf muscles will always help to generate more force when an athlete needs to run fast. One way to do this is to jump over a 15” box. Place the box to your left and jump over it side-ways and then jump back over from the right side.  Try and do 10-15 side-to-side jumps. Then stand behind the box and jump over it and back again. Again try and do 10-15 front-to-back jumps. Ideally, you would take a break and repeat 2-3 times.

Another simple drill is running up a hill. It is taxing and demanding but it offers a lot of resistance because of the angle and after having pushed your way up a hill, you will be able to run on a flat surface much easier.

Another way to use resistance is to run with a parachute attached to your back. This running exercise adds a lot of weight and pull against you. Attempt a couple 100-yard sprints. As soon as you complete two runs, remove the parachute and attempt another 100-yard dash. You should see a noticeable improvement and increase in speed.

Running takes a lot of force. Remember to push off the ground with every leg muscle to exert as much energy as you can and never let up. Employing these simple techniques will consistently improve an athletes running speed.


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