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Running Faster Means The Right Training And The Right Mindset

Athletes of all kinds are always looking for ways to run faster.

This is as true of the great athletes here in Chicago as it is of athletes virtually anywhere else in the United States.

Running is one of the most fundamental skills that you need to succeed in sports.

So, the big question is … how to run faster?

However, there’s more to this than meets the eye.

First of all, there’s more than one way to run.

Track and field athletes, for example, have a very stable and grounded field of action when they run.

They are able to pick up the speed, endure, and slow down strategically.

Athletes in other sports run under other conditions. In basketball, you need to maintain a strong but moderate overall speed throughout your entire game.

In football, you will be running back and forth and will need serious endurance.

However, you will never do it unopposed, so you also need lateral movement speed.

Once you have figured out the kind of running that you will be doing, you can develop a functional training regime that will help.

However, that’s still only one part of the question of how to run faster!

Some athletes need to be able to “burst” with speed suddenly, which requires explosive power developed through explosive exercises and weight resistance.

Others will have to develop their endurance in order to maintain moderate speeds throughout a whole game.

Football and soccer players are in the same boat here, although they will work on their muscle groups differently for peak performance.

Now the picture is beginning to emerge …

How To Run Faster Secrets!

Running faster is a combination of both aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

You cannot run faster if your lung capacity is not up to the standards of the peak that you want.

Many athletes find that their core strength or their lungs are the limiting factor in their performance (yet very few make use of a lung trainer for optimum capacity.)

When you feel that you have achieved the top speed of which you are capable, that usually means that there is a limiting factor that you have to recognize and then overcome.

Here at Core 1 Inc, we have developed personalized training regimens and schedules so that we are able to help you find the root of the issue and achieve your highest top speed yet.

If you live in Downers Grove or in the Greater Chicago land area then you need to get in touch with us to learn more.

To Your Best Season Yet

Jim and The Core1 Crew

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