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Reaction Ball for Agility Training

It’s such a little thing, really…a misshapen ball that fits in the palm of your hand. But sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. We’re talking about the reaction ball. And athletes young and old are finding there’s a lot of challenge in this little ball’s bounce.

It’s the unpredictable bounce from this six-sided ball that, once thrown against a surface, forces an athlete to decide very quickly what direction it will go in order to make the catch. This randomness helps to train reaction time and improve hand-eye coordination. Having to think fast and move faster develops an athlete’s fluidity and encourages nimble changes in direction that are necessary in many sports. This agility training is unique and fun.

The reaction ball can be used by one’s self or in a team setting. It can be thrown against the wall or the ground. Because it imitates deflected shots, it also improves an athlete’s speed, overall coordination and depth perception.

The reaction ball is an amazing tool used in agility training; it is fun and very effective. It’s a challenge. And we know athlete’s love challenges.


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