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Physical Therapy for Downers Grove Athletes

Getting back into physical and mental shape after a major sports injury can be one of the toughest obstacles to overcome. Because of the nature of certain injuries, even the most competitive athletes can be limited by pain, weakness, and a lack of range of motion that may occur after surgery or a similar procedure. For athletes that are recovering from a major injury, finding a therapy program that will get them back into action as soon as possible is the next step for recovery.

Near the Chicagoland area, programs for advanced physical therapy in Downers Grove such as those offered by Core1Inc.- Athletes Only Physical Therapy offer a range of services designed to treat current injuries and prevent future ones. Whether an athlete needs strength restoration, improved mobility and balance, or added endurance, there are a number of available physical therapy programs that are tailored for each person's specific need.

Patients with orthopedic, arthritic, or other chronic injuries can also receive high-quality care through outpatient clinics and home therapy programs. A typical program through Core1Inc. uses the following methods to get athletes back to full strength: evaluation and treatment of tissue injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation using state-of-the-art equipment, and continued education and exercise programs for use in the home.

Because each athlete is different, a variety of other manual therapeutics and mechanical treatments are available to help each person achieve individual success in recovering from injury.


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