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Not All Sports Training Facilities Are Created Equal

CORE1inc is not your ordinary gym membership.

Millions of Americans all over the country have gym memberships.

Likewise, there are plenty of folks in Downers Grove from all walks of life who have these memberships and who visit the gym, either regularly or once in a while.

This is fine for most people.

However, there are some ways in which the average gym will not do when you are a high performance athlete.

Going beyond the ordinary gym is often a good idea for both you and for the non-athletes in the gym community.

Although it is not very fair, most people are very intimidated by the sight of established athletes when they visit the gym.

It is no surprise that a lot of people who are not very athletic have some body image issues around their training.

That being the case, they look at established athletes and worry …

And they might even avoid the gym and ruin their commitment.

Of course, that’s not the only reason why you might consider true sports training facilities instead of ordinary gyms.

There are several reasons why it might benefit you to make sure you take that extra step.

Gyms have a tendency to provide only the most basic training machines.

This is because they need to be able to provide machines that most people will know how to use.

Respect Your Child – Train With Professionals

They also want to be sure that risk of injury is minimal.

Injury happens to everyone sometimes, when you are an athlete. It is a part of life.

But for gyms that cater mainly to the general public, injury is a serious issue.

Most people do not know their own strength and do not know how to interpret the signals that their body might send to them.

As a result, they may be prone to injury.

Injuries are a huge liability issue for gyms catering to non-athletes.

So, if you want the best machines along with a welcoming atmosphere and no staring, you may be best off visiting sports training facilities that are especially for highly conditioned athletes.

Plus, you will benefit from the opportunity to enjoy the help of established trainers.

These are people who understand what it is like to reach your fitness peak and want to achieve more.

For training facility excellence here in Downers Grove, you are always invited to try out Core 1 Inc. We have top of the line facilities you will love.

To your best season yet

Jim and The CORE1 Crew


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