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Navigating the Ever-Growing World of Nutritional Supplements

The rapid rise of the sports nutrition industry can be inextricably linked to the nutritional supplement market.

And when you understand how truly prevalent nutritional supplements are among US consumers, this linkage make sense. According to government research, over 50 percent of adults age 20 and older take vitamins or other dietary supplements; the percentage of adults who consumed at least one supplement increased by 11%, from 42 to 53%, from 1994 to 2006.

Yet like any expanding industry, the array of choices can be bewildering for the consumer. If you’ve ever paid a visit to a GNC store, for example, you’ll know what we mean. It’s intimidating.

And with more and more products flooding the market, it’s hard to know what supplements truly work.

Our team of experts will help you focus on a core set of supplements aligned with your training goals. And our approach is holistic, where supplements merely complement a comprehensive regimen that includes exercise, conditioning, and an improved diet.


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