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Improve Your Race Time with Good Technique

Any athlete working on their speed training in preparation for an upcoming race understands that their running technique is of the utmost importance. Good technique is going to improve their race time.

Keeping a good posture while remaining relaxed in the upper body is part of a runner’s technique. At the start of the race, the runner’s weight is evenly distributed between the leg on the starter’s block and the one bent out in front. The first movement is a strong push, an explosive movement.

When the gun goes off, this explosive movement of the body will help to keep a runner running at top speeds along with their long powerful strides.

During their sports training, runners have been conditioned with weights to build strength and improve endurance. Running exercises will help to build speed.

To help with that first explosive movement most runners train by running up hills and improve their balance by running downhill. This will also help a runner’s technique since they need to be able to keep an even stride throughout the training while the foot is dorsiflexed – keeping it in a flat position just before it is about to hit the track.

An athletes arms and legs need to be pumping with a proper controlled rhythm at all times.

The technique of a runner is what is going to help them run faster races. If they start out fast but do not follow the proper technique they will burn out and not be able to continue.


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