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Get Stronger to Compete Longer

Stronger doesn’t just mean bigger muscles or the ability to lift more weight, though it can help.

Stronger, at least when it comes to physical competition and athletics means:

  1. More endurance

  2. More mobility

  3. Fewer injuries

  4. More confidence

  5. More power

Strength also impacts your ability to move quickly, turn on a dime, and stop and start more quickly than your competition.

Strength evolves as an outcome of effective training.

When you engage in an effective and comprehensive athletic training program you get stronger not only in the obvious ways but also in some of the less obvious, though critically important, ways.

What Is Effective Training?

There are many different components to effective training. An effective training program is one that:

  1. Focuses on your core sport

  2. Takes all of your strengths and weaknesses into consideration

  3. Pushes your limits

  4. Acknowledges your personal strengths and weaknesses

  5. Focuses on the movements and requirements necessary for your position within your sport

  6. Helps you grow stronger mentally as well. We’re talking about fast decision making, improved confidence and the ability to overcome fear barriers.

When it comes to strength training there are a couple paths you can take.

You Can Train On Your Own

Often, when people think about strength training they’re picturing people working out in the gym with weights.

Strength training often involves repetitions and pushing your muscles to the limit.

There is, however, a limitation to creating a strength training program on your own.

It can be difficult to assess your own form.

It can also be a challenge to learn the range of strength training exercises available to you.

You Can Train With A Professional

An experienced trainer can help you work out with proper form.

Good form reduces the risk of injury.

It also helps you get the maximum benefit from each movement and exercise.

Additionally, there are many exercise systems a professional trainer can put together.

These systems include several different strength training movements in one repetition.

They help build not only your core muscles but the surrounding ones as well.

This maximizes your training time and helps you achieve fast results. It also reduces your risk of injury.

A professional trainer, like the trainers at core1inc, can help you put together a customized training program.

This program is based on your sport, and the position you play in your sport. It also takes a look at your strengths, weaknesses and personal fitness goals.

At Core1, we specialize in helping young athletes perform their very best, reducing the risk of injury, and helping them get stronger at the same time.

A good strength training program will help you get stronger so you’re able to outlast your opponent and compete at the top level.

Get started today. Submit your name, email & phone below.


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