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Core Strength Can Be Your Secret Weapon In Virtually Any Sport

Core strength training is a crucial part of your performance in any area of sport.

No matter which of the highly competitive Chicago area sports you play, you need to have core strength in order to really do your best job possible.

If you think about it, you will realize how core training has to do with every one of the major sports that is played in the Chicago area.

Basketball players require core strength as part of their efforts to move and weave quickly across the basketball court.

The posture that they will hold when they are in control of the ball is one that puts physiological stress on the core area.

This means that, all things being equal, a basketball player who has good core strength will be able to move more quickly and effectively on the basketball core.

That’s because that player will be more balanced and more ready to change direction quickly.

Core strength is also associated with good performance in a wide variety of sports that focus more on sudden “explosive” movement and the twitch muscle fibers.

There is a wide variety of sports that depend on the athlete’s ability to make a move suddenly from a standing start. In this way, they are different from the average game of basketball.

However, what does not change is the need for greater core strength.

Bottom Line – You Need Strong Core Strength

Core strength is critical to baseball players, the people who need to be able to “explode” at a moment’s notice when the ball is coming their way.

When you think of the range of responses that might be necessary in answer to an incoming ball, all of them are assisted by core strength.

Whether you are reaching up to catch a ball, jumping to get control of a fly ball or moving to tag your adversary, it all has to do with core strength.

What sport requires core strength training more than any other?

Whether you are from Chicago or anywhere else, the answer might be football.

Football players need to have the greatest response possible in “explosive” movement.

Even though they are among the biggest and bulkiest players, it is the core that gives them the ability to move that weight effectively.

If you want to achieve greater balance, flexibility, and overall coordination across your entire body, then you want core strength training.

Give us (Core 1 Inc) a call to get started now.

To you getting YOU stronger

Jim and The CORE1 Crew


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