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Combining Different Types Of Strength For Maximum Speed In Baseball

One of the most popular sports in the Chicago area is baseball, and many Chicago area athletes are highly interested in baseball speed training.

Because so many local athletes work hard to improve their game, it is important to improve yours if you want to compete.

Many people, even experienced athletes, are not necessarily certain what the best way is to go about improving their speed in the game of baseball and doing appropriate baseball speed training.

This is where a great Chicago area athlete training facility comes in.

When it comes to baseball, some aspects of your training will depend on your position in the field.

However, there are certain elements that you can expect will be the same no matter where on the field you play or how often you do so.

If you want to be a success in the game of baseball, particularly in the highly competitive Chicago area, then the first step is to decide to work hard on becoming a great player.

Having the right training staff and facility around you is critical!

Obviously, motivation is huge in the game of baseball or virtually any other sport that you want to play, particularly if it happens to be one of the area’s top sports.

Once you have made the commitment to succeed, you need to be sure that you are doing the right exercises.

Remember that many baseball players have an intensive schedule that makes use of the off season so that they can perform hard during the season.

This is key.

Important Baseball Speed Training Info Below

To succeed in baseball speed training, you are going to need a mix of functional strength and explosive strength.

As in any sport, functional strength training focuses on the specific range of motion that you will need in order to perform in the specific role that you usually occupy on the field.

“Explosive” strength refers to the kind of strength that you will need to move fast and suddenly.

This is key to the sport of baseball and is more important in baseball than virtually any other sport.

Of course, your exercise regimen needs to be personalized.

A blend of aerobic and anaerobic exercise needs to be customized to fit you.

Baseball players should welcome “bulking up,” but only in specific ways that enhance their performance.

At Core 1 Inc, we can help you improve your game like never before.

We offer customized baseball specific training to get you stronger, faster and quicker!

To your best season yet!

Jim and The CORE1 Crew


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