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Combine Your Training

Acceleration Training – Improves how fast it takes the player to reach top speed. For example; it takes the player 0.10 seconds to accelerate.

  1. Speed Training – Improves the overall running speed of the player after acceleration.

  2. Agility Training – Improves the ability of the player to explosively break, change different directions and accelerate again.

If your chosen sport requires you to accelerate quickly, run fast for a period of time and switch directions as you run, you need to combine these three elements into one training session.

Combined training is a faster way to get all the necessary skills you need on the playing field into one workout. The best part is that all these exercises compliment each other. With power and strength training combined with sprint and speed endurance training, you will have trained on all the necessary techniques. Combine all these exercises with flexibility training and you are on your way to improving in all areas of your acceleration and speed.


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