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Eating Habits That Can Help You Excel

One of the biggest problems that junior high and high school athletes can run into when it comes to nutrition is the idea that there is a one size fits all recipe. While there may be a number of good guidelines that can be generalized, the truth is that nutritional requirements can be very personal. Some of the factors that can impact actual nutrition needs include:

  1. • Stage of physical development

  2. • Individual physiology and genetics

  3. • Type of training that is being used

  4. • Overall workout goals

  5. • Amount of calories that are being burned

  6. • Nutritional imbalances

  7. • Environmental impacts

Considering these above points can often make it easier for people to begin to understand that nutrition for junior high and high school athletes does need to be individualized in order to be fully effective.

At Core1Inc., we often work with the nutritional needs of young athletes. This is because in the course of regular practices and training, the importance of the right foods can often be overlooked, especially if there is a greater focus on supplementation. It can also be important to realize that while supplements can be ideal for supporting body function, they are still exactly what the name says; supplements. Real nutrition comes from the combination of foods that are ingested, since there are enzymes and other factors in fresh, whole foods that can be lacking in an isolated supplement.

Good nutrition can also come from learning to listen to what the body is really craving. Did you know that sugar craving can actually indicate a lack of protein, or that hunger can actually mean that you are low on electrolytes? We cover all of these concepts with clients, and help to develop a nutritional program that addresses individual needs.

If you are interested in becoming a better athlete or just getting yourself into healthier shape, then contact us to get started on nutritional guidance that can help you stay capable and strong.

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