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A Closer Look At Core Training

When you do any kind of research into fitness training for athletes these days, a lot of different buzzwords get passed around freely. Not all of those buzzwords really translate into anything, but a few do. One that really does matter in terms of performance in sports and in general fitness is core training.

These days, lots of workouts focus on building core strength, and with good reason. Building up the core has some very real benefits. But at Core 1 Inc., we’ve noticed that for a lot of people and fitness articles, core training just means ‘abs’. The reality is that building up your core goes far beyond just trying to get a six pack. It can have a direct impact on a lot of things.

The “core” in core training refers to the abs, sure. But it also refers to numerous other muscles within the torso area including muscles around the spine, shoulders, pelvis, stomach, and more. So what does core training do for you as an athlete? The strength of the core muscles will help to stabilize the spine, the pelvis, and the torso. This helps athletes in a few ways.

• For starters, it helps the body effectively stand, move on two feet, and control movements. The stronger the core, the better the body is able to maintain balance and control. This has obvious advantages for athletes.

• A solid core also helps improve the power within your movements. That’s great news for athletes who need bursts of strength and power like those in baseball or football.

• The core muscles help to transfer energy and shift body weight. A stronger core means you’ll be able to change direction and start your motions faster than you would otherwise.

• A strong core also helps to prevent injuries by reducing the stresses placed on the back and pelvis. By reducing stress, it reduces injuries.

To put it simply, any athlete who is serious about their performance owes it to themselves to build up their core strength. But finding the best possible exercises to boost your core strength isn’t easy. Almost everything these days swears to provide core strength, and as a result you’ll want to let the pros help you get the results you’re looking for. Contact our professional trainers here at Core 1 Inc. to set up a fitness plan that will help build your core strength and improve your performance significantly.


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