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What Is The REAL Definition Of Cutting Edge In Sports Training?

Are you looking for truly cutting edge sports training?

There are so many different aspects to sports training that it is hard to keep up. Sports training is always at the furthest edge of human performance. For that reason, putting together a truly great training program requires expert advice.

The knowledge behind sports training is constantly evolving. There is always something new to learn in order to realize the greatest performance possible. This includes changes in diet, exercise, and mental attitude.

It was several decades ago now when scientists realized that mental visualization, the art of picturing yourself succeeding in the athletic task before you, was one of the most important tasks that you could include in your training.

In fact, they discovered that, if you took two groups of similarly conditioned athletes and pit them against one another, it was the group that had engaged in this visualization that was more likely to succeed in the game.

Back then, it was a startling revelation. It was cutting edge sports training.

Now, it is something that virtually every serious athlete and coach knows about. But what about athletic performance at the time?

At that time, only the few people who knew about visualization got to benefit.

Now, that is real power and it really provides a competitive advantage. That is one example, but not the only example, of what a cutting edge training regimen looks like.

A truly cutting edge sports training program will incorporate all of the new forms of training and motivation that other people do not necessarily know anything about. This provides you with the chance to realize a huge competitive edge.

In other words, it gives you “secret weapons” that you can use, exploit, and learn before anyone else.

Let’s take another example: High intensity training. Up until just a few months ago, high intensity interval training was something that wasn’t even that well known among athletes. It was considered important only for the most “hardcore” body builders.

Nowadays, it is part of chiseling lean muscle and realizing performance gains all around.

Are you interested in finding out what the latest “secret weapons” are? If so, you will want to develop a personalized, cutting edge program by getting in touch with Chicago’s top trainers here at Core 1 Inc.

We have the facilities, the trainers, and the “can-do” attitude in a positive, strengthening environment to realize your best.

We DARE you to give us a try. Get your FREE session below.

Jim and The CORE1 Crew


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