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Understanding the Basics and Applicability of Jump Training

Today we’d like to discuss a training technique that should be of particular interest to basketball players and track and field athletes: jump training.

But before we get into the details of this type of training, we cannot stress it enough: with proper jump training, athletes can literally jump higher and perform at greater levels.

Jump training, also known as “plyometrics,” was first rolled out in the early 20th century in the area of track and field. Now the technique can be applied in any activity that requires explosive power.

Jump training balances effective muscle stressing techniques with the concept of “loading.”  “Loading” is simply intensifying momentum to achieve a more explosive jump. A basketball player, for example, jumps higher when they get a running a start; greater momentum creates a greater “load.”

But such activity is not solely relegated to basketball or track and field athletes. Jump training is essentially about balance, and its principles can be applied to any athletic activity.


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