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Think golf isn’t a sport? Tell that to Tiger Woods.

Prevention is the name of the game when it comes to golf-related sports injuries. The extreme level of torque applied to the core of the body by the twisting motion of the golf swing will nearly always eventually lead to lower back problems later in life. Sports physical therapy in downers grove  can provide you the tools and know-how to prevent the inevitable golf injuries from repeated motion. Whether it’s your lower back, wrist, knees, or other common bodily injuries golfers endure, Downers Grove physical therapy programs will train you to prevent these injuries before they occur.

Athletes currently afflicted by a sports-related injury can also take advantage of the Downers Grove physical therapy programs. Superstar golfers whose careers have been interrupted by injury, like Tiger Woods from his knee and Achilles heel issues, to Fred Couples’ and his lower back condition, to Greg Norman and his shoulder pain – all immense talents and champion athletes who utilize similar methods to those at

Whether you’re a junior or collegiate athlete seeking to take preventative measures now to avoid future injury, or a more seasoned athlete who needs sports-specific pain treatment, we will put you on the right track for maintaining, retaining, and obtaining the high-performance critical to athletic success.


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