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The Importance Of Teaching Your Body To Move In New Directions

One of the most amazing things about athletes is the way that muscle memory can work to achieve the height of performance. Months of training drills can help to create this condition, where the body actually remembers what to do, even if the brain is still analyzing the situation. The idea that practice makes perfect really applies to this concept, since the more you train to do specific actions, the faster you will be able to react.

While drills and repetition are extremely important, they also present an interesting dilemma about muscle memory. If your body is conditioned to only move in one way, what will happen when it gets forced to move in another direction? If your guess was injury, then you are right.

At Core1Inc., we consider ways to use muscle memory for performance, but also for the prevention of injury. A variety of sports enhancement trainings can help athletes to retain the skills they are learning for their game, while incorporating the ability to adjust and stay flexible in order to avoid injury.

A Different Type Of Drill

Some of the techniques that we will use with our athletes are stretching and cross training. Stretching will help you to stay agile, and will also keep your muscles toned to move in different directions than you may be used to. Longer muscle fibers means that there is more give, so that even when they are pulled beyond normal limits, they will still have enough resilience to accommodate without tearing.

Cross training drills can also be important since they are helping to enforce greater muscle memory for more situations. For example, if you are a runner, then your training focus would tend to be on speed and power in a forward direction. However, if you also train your body to accommodate for lateral movement, then you are able to reduce the chance of injury to your ACL. By working out all of the muscles in your body, not just the ones you use for your sport, you will be able to develop better agility and be less liable to suffer an injury.

If you are interested in bettering your overall performance, and ensuring that you can keep performing for years to come, then we invite you to contact Core1Inc. and learn about the sports enhancement programs that we offer. This can help you as an athlete right now, but can also help you stay an athlete throughout your life.


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