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Quickness Training

Athletes appreciate the need to get moving and get moving quickly. Having an accelerated reaction and movement time is crucial in many sports. Being given the incentive that one needs to react quickly is imperative for successful sports performance.

One’s nervous system actually comes into play when developing quickness. Perfectly rehearsed movements that are stored in memories in the brain are what the athlete will call upon to act quickly. If an athlete trains with imperfect skills, this is what his brain will remember; this is how he will perform on the field.

An athlete’s quickness training should first include an evaluation to measure his quickness with several start/stop drills. They should also be place in situations that create different circumstances, which allow them to show their quick feet skills.

Appropriate quickness training can dramatically increase an athlete’s ability to react quickly. There are many drills that the athlete should perform in warm-ups that accompany weight training to develop quickness. Ultimately you want to enhance the athlete’s ability to react to stimuli and circumstances.


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