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Preventative Training to Reduce the Risk of Injury

In athletics, there is only so much one can do to reduce the risk of injury. Players can wear helmets, rules can be enforced to minimize extreme contact, and team doctors can always be on hand, but at the end of the day, the risk of injury is a fact of life.

And while athletes engage in core strengthening and agility training to improve their game, one of the lesser-heralded byproducts of such training is its ability to minimize the risk of injury, or reduce the impact of an injury should it occur.

Our speed, agility, and balance training programs do precisely that.

Different muscles and actions are employed based on the sport in question. Some bones, naturally, are used more often; others, less so. It is important to identify these distinctions, diagnose risks, and craft a customized plan to strengthen these often-used muscles and bones accordingly. By building up flexibility and strength in these critical areas, the risk of injury decreases.


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