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Jumping Over Invisible Hurdles

It can be helpful to think about how many superstitions and habits professional athletes have. In some cases, people will say it is a tradition or a habit, but do you really know why athletes have these little routines? It is actually a way of getting into the right mindset before a game.

A lot of these different habits come from past experiences that the mind associates as being connected. There are so many stories about an athlete doing something that seems insignificant, like putting on different color socks or lacing their shoes in a special way, and then winning a pivotal game. After that, these athletes will usually do the same actions before any competition, because the brain is associating that action with winning.

While the truth may be that the original action had very little to do with actually winning, the point is that the mind now associates these two factors, and finds it important to engage in the first in order to get the same outcome. What is really important about these superstitions is that they set the right mood for a great performance and can help to overcome anxieties.

Learning To Think With Focus

At Core 1 Inc., we can help student athletes to achieve this mindset and overcome fears in a very focused way. When you begin to understand why these habits and superstitions are so prevalent in sports, then you can also help yourself to get in the right frame of minds all the time. This will improve your capabilities, but it will also let you be in control of your attitude when you train, before a game, or at any time.

Another important thing to understand about these rituals is that they are often a way of changing the focus away from the anxiety that may come up before a big game. When your brain is concentrating on the actions of the habits, then it does not have enough time to focus on the fear or doubt that may be felt. The result is that many athletes who have these superstitions will feel more relaxed and confident, and that is what is really winning the game.

In reality, you don’t need to trick your mind into not being anxious. You can actually train it the same way that you train your body. Instead of relying on superstitions or rituals, you can actually be in control of what you think and how you perform. We can help you learn this right mentality and overcome performance anxieties on the field or in the gym.

When you begin to realize that your mind may be what is really holding you back, then you will also be able to unleash your full potential. If you would like to understand how this connection works, and how it can really help you, then contact us to learn about connecting your motivations with your actions. You may just find that your focus on succeeding can be a state of mind.


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