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Why Sports Physical Therapy Is So Important

At Core 1 Inc., we have years of experience in helping athletes recover from injuries. Sports physical therapy in Downers Grove is an important thing to consider, for a few reasons. Here are the main ones.

• Faster Recovery – In many cases, you’ll be able to work with a physical therapist to get yourself back in the game far faster than you would if you were trying to heal on your own. Faster recovery means less time letting your body get out of shape.

• Better Results – The kind of recovery you make with the help of a sports physical therapist is specifically targeted to help you with the injury you’ve suffered. By working with an expert, you’ll heal the muscles or bones much more effectively and ensure that performance isn’t diminished the next time you take the court or the field.

• Future Prevention – Finally, working with a physical therapist allows you to reduce the chance of future injuries. That’s because when your body heals with professional help, it does so in a way that allows it to remain as strong as it possibly can be. Healing on your own could leave the muscles, bones, or tendons weaker than they were before the injury, which may increase the chances of being injured in the future.

Obviously, it’s in your best interests to get the help of a pro when you’re trying to improve your health after a sports injury. Sports physical therapists understand the needs of athletes and the unique challenges that working with them can bring. As such, it’s important to work with one that you can trust. If you’re injured, don’t hesitate to contact our professionals to learn more about our physical therapy programs for athletes. It may be the smartest move you make for your sports future.

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