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When Should You Seek Treatment For A Sports Injury?

Are you looking for sports physical therapy facility in Downers Grove?

Sports physical therapy in Downers Grove and the surrounding area is probably the fastest way to recover from any kind of sports injury. Lots of injuries can be healed with careful first aid and rest at home, but many cannot!

Sometimes it is hard to tell how seriously we are injured. Even athletes, who know their bodies well and are able to interpret signals from the body easily, can run into this problem.

When you are in the zone, as you probably were just before you got injured, your perception of pain is a little bit dulled thanks to endorphins. After all, that “heady” endorphin response is what protects you from realizing your body is being broken down and rebuilt.

However, that response is the exact same reason why sports injuries can seem less serious than they really are. And that’s what leads to longer recovery times and recurring, chronic injuries: Not getting the proper treatment when you need it!

Do you need Sports Physical Therapy for your injury?

The answer may be yes if you are dealing with any of a number of serious and unusual symptoms.

Look out for these warning signs from the body:

  1. Crookedness in the joint or in the bone itself combined with any kind of abnormal movement

  2. Inability to use the injured area at all – it can be tender and painful, but should be functional

  3. Unusually intense swelling or discoloration that looks more serious than the average bruise

  4. No apparent change in the condition after a few days of rest, elevation, and ice therapy

If any of these apply to you, you need to see a medical professional right away.

If ALL of them apply to you, consider emergency medical treatment. This could be serious!

Once you have stabilized the situation and you are on the road to recovery, you should consider the benefits of using an athlete only training facility that is really prepared to help you with your sports injury.

In addition to helping you make sure that you do not get injured again, the experts at Core 1 Inc can help you develop a low impact workout plan that will help stave off deconditioning.

If you want to cut days, weeks, or even months off your recovery in Downers Grove, get in touch with Core 1 Inc today to find out what your best athlete rehabilitation options are.

To Getting You Healed!

Jim and The CORE1 Crew


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